For women who are ready to live Bold, Brassy & Blessed

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”

– Joseph Campbell

Welcome Sister, I am so honored you’re here!

Imagine waking up feeling grounded and safe in your body everyday. As you begin your day you are no longer filled with anxiety and obsessing over how things are going to work out, but instead you are aligned, clear, secure, fully alive and turned on about your day.

It’s time to wake up!

No more living half ass, not fully showing up in your life, and letting your emotions take you down. You are far more powerful than you know; it’s time to remember who you are. I see you, you have a big mission and you are up to big things but your programing has you playing small. No more old story, it’s time to claim your sovereignty.

I am here to be your guide in creating a path to stepping into your bigness, safely! To help you courageously step into the unknown, to peel off the layers needed to get to the truth of who you are and what you are here for.

Through ritual work, ancestral clearing, emotional wellness, nutritional support, sensuality and primal mind body healing we will to get to the core of your sacred presence.

Are you ready to make your dream vision a reality?

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Azaria Ulmer, CHC, PCC, CCPC

Ritualist + Ancestral Medicine Woman + Life Coach

Azaria Carolynn Ulmer is a healer, modern-day priestess, medicine woman and meditation teacher. Azaria facilitates healing from a cellular level by helping women clear away ancestral coding that’s keeping them stuck. She reconnects women to their own ancient wisdom, she help women feel safe confident and powerful in bring forth and sharing their unique gifts of service to the world.

She reconnects women through sacred rituals to the wisdom that lives in their bodies, their ancient knowledge and unique gifts.  Azaria is especially passionate about the important role women of color plays in the paradigm shift that needs to happen in our world today.

Azaria wants women of color to wake up, claim their gifts, ancestral knowledge and unapologetically bring them to service in the world. Azaria is proud of her Caribbean-African-American heritage that fuses all aspect of her life. Her biggest teachers are marriage and motherhood. You can find Azaria every weekday mornings guiding people all over the world on the world first live meditation app Journey LIVE Mediation.